Q: What vaccinations are needed?

  • DA2PP/c to be given: 8, 12, and 16 weeks. Then boost annually.

  • Rabies: Given at 16 weeks, again a year after the first Rabies, then every 3 years for their lifetime

  • Bordetella to prevent Kennel Cough given once between 12-16 weeks, then boost annually.

Q: Does my puppy need to be wormed?

A: Yes, all puppies are born with worms and need to be treated to prevent poor coat quality and weight loss. We recommend Dewormer is given to puppies at 8 weeks then the second dose two weeks later. As adults we recommend an annual fecal is done to check for worms and parasites then to be treated as needed. 

Q: Should I spay or neuter my dog?
A: Having your male pet neutered reduces roaming, urine marking, and reduces the odor of their urine. It can also reduce aggressive behavior as well as reduce the risk for prostate cancer. Spaying your female pet eliminates unplanned litters thereby reducing the pet over population problem. It also eliminates unwanted behaviors while they are in heat, and reduces risk of breast cancer 
and pyometra which is a severe uterine infection.

Q: How old should my pet be to spay or neuter it?
A: We recommend that an animal should be spayed/neutered between 4 to 6 months old, but it can be done any time after that. (If you spay your female before their first heat cycle, the risk of breast cancer goes significantly down.)

Q: How often should my dog be groomed?
A: It is safe to bathe all pets once a month and their toenails should be trimmed regularly (1-2 per month, or as needed) if they are indoor pets. Some breeds require regular hair trimming while others may never need to be trimmed. Brushing on a regular basis is important to prevent matting and discomfort. Please contact Melissa, our professional groomer, here at the clinic if you have questions or our receptionists would be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

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