Here at Cedar Ridge we provide quality care for your pets. We understand that they are more than just a pet. They are a member of your family. Please feel free to contact us and set up an appointment!  We look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Reed Hanson


Great news! Our laboratory, IDEXX, is offering our clients a HUGE discount on multiple blood panels. 

     Animals are at risk for a lot of the same conditions that people get, including diabetes, kidney disease, hepatitis, heart disease, dental problems, blood disorders, hyper or hypothyroidism, and infections.  Early detection of any of these problems can improve both the quality and quantity of life for your pets.  Not all conditions can be detected with blood tests but a substantial number of them can be.  


     During the month of November, thanks to IDEXX Labs, we are able to offer you a significant savings on these screening tests.  Normally they would cost anywhere from $150 to $200, but you can get them for $75.00 or less, depending on which tests are run.  


    Dogs and cats are very good at hiding underlying health issues.  They just want to please their owners so they act like everything is okay.  Even if your pet isn't old these blood tests give a great baseline of values to compare to if our pet does get sick in the future. Please call today to schedule a time to have your pets blood drawn for this special offer.  

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